Three Performance Coaching Sessions Over Two Weeks

During Initiation Sessions Daniello observes your zones of genius and identifies areas of challenge. Daniello brings awareness to the causes of the mental constructs that result in limited leadership performance by reverse engineering your beliefs to reveal the limitations of your subconscious mind. 

Initiation Sessions also re-map your performance frameworks to elevate a new experience of what it means to be unstoppable. 

These initiations dramatically increase your capacity to lead with purpose, awareness, and freedom to inspire sustainable high-performance. 

 What you can expect during Initiation Sessions:

  • How to deeply embody your zone of genius and master your flow
  • A personalised strategy towards building trust in self, team and clients
  • Your unique pathway to elevate your life, business and team performance
  • High level accountability towards your personal and business goals
  • Clarity on how to avoid burnout and confidence knowing what to do next

# 1 Initial Consultation (approx. 120 mins)

# 2  Coaching Session  (approx. 90 mins)

# 3 Follow-up Coaching Session (approx. 90 mins)


High-Touch 1:1 Leadership Coaching

Many people choose to continue to work deeply with Daniello through the Elevate Retainer Program. The Elevate Retainer Program follows on from the Initiation Sessions as a personalised syllabus towards your ongoing leadership performance transformation of becoming unstoppable. 

Many consider this an  integrated pathway of personal evolution, as we introduce deeper levels of self-mastery training and energetic-psychological refinements combined with a clear pathway to amplify performance of your self and your teams.

Initiation Sessions mastered your personal flow. Elevate Retainer Program masters your enterprise flow.

Once a client commits to the program, Daniello is committed to their partnership. As things arise, clients can reach out. Once the program is complete, clients are welcome to continue on a month-to-month basis to both refine what they’ve learned and dive into deeper distinctions of elevated performance. 

Minimum Retainer Program length is three months after the Initiation Sessions pre-requisite . 


We respect your privacy.

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