About me

I am Daniello Greco, executive performance advisor. 

As an ardent believer of prodigious leadership, I have concluded that phenomenal leaders are not only crucial to the cumulative progress of humanity but also instil and project individual attitudes, mindsets, and behaviours that push forward the envelope of how impactful singular beings can be.

Being an advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator, a certified FEBI Leadership Coach and a certified Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant I deploy my unique blend of experience and prowess to shape minds, finetune team performance, and invoke conscious leadership skills within individuals through both one-on-one guidance and group coaching. My meticulously curated procedure reconciles Eastern wisdom conventions with Western corporate leadership features to transform today’s managers into the next generation of figureheads who possess powerful capabilities to inspire their teams empowering them to deliver sustained excellence.

My accreditations and experience enable me to redesign limiting subconscious beliefs, reinforce leadership awareness and elevate behavioural patterns towards more flow. The holistic approach adopted by me can assist individuals in leadership positions to broaden their mental horizons and aim higher.

I help leaders think better and access greater zones of excellence.

I have worked tirelessly in a diverse variety of leadership roles across a range of verticals in the last two decades. As of now, I advise senior leaders in remote team development and teach esoteric wisdom for a top-tier spiritual institute.

If your aim isn’t just to be another good manager in the organisational hierarchy but emerge as a self-aware, charismatic, and confident leader who transforms into a bold and audacious inspiration for their team, I can help you get there.

When the pressure to deliver is immense and you are pursuing incredible challenges the old ideals of conventional leadership fracture under the burden of your ambition. Instead of just mulling over your KPI achievements, embody true conscious leadership ideals so your mental framework, emotions and behaviours align with your visionary purpose.

I know you’re already a good manager, but are you an extraordinary leader? I can put you on a unique leadership path where your personal evolution will manifest into sustainable high-performance.

Success comes from within, I can shatter the barriers for you.


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